Short video with MAF 
2014 Instructor Pilots: Flight Prep    Click here to watch it

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) serves people who deal with challenges due to isolation in regions such as Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Latin America by providing: medical assistance; disaster response; community development; training; and evangelism support to churches. Our mission is to share the love of Jesus and seek to physically and spiritually transform isolated people by assisting mission, humanitarian, and government organizations in remote locations throughout the world.. 

Because of the demanding circumstances MAF flies into, safe flying takes more skills than in Western countries. In this movie instructors explain what that means.

on this site where flightsimulation and the reallife work of Mission Aviation Fellowship and other mission aviation organisations are connected.
You can expect stories, videolinks and ofcourse addons for Flightsimulator 2004 and FSX, all related to these organizations.
If you got new mission aviation addons too, let me know and - if you allow so ofcourse - we can add them to the allready great amount of available addons.  
Have a great time simflying the jobs of mission aviators !
His blessing for you !
Bram Stikkel
  • Take a look at this absolutely great video here and get an impression of what mission aviation is and why it is done.
  • Wanna become a mission pilot ? See this video from ACMA (Australian Centre for Mission Aviation)

Orbx Papua New Guinea airports... you can fly them now!

In the meantime Orbx has launched the add-on named AYPY Jacksons International Airport. I bought it at once and it really is an absolute beauty. Not only AYPY Jacksons is present. Also Kokoda airport and ten bushstrips, high in the PNG jungle overgrown mountains. If you ever considered buying a Orbx add-on, but never did it, then now is the time to put thoughts into deeds !

Remember however, these addons shows best in the Orbx FTX Global add-on. So if you do not have that, you might as well consider purchasing that too. It will improve your whole FSX world. 

Several user videos can be found here.

AYPY Jacksons International Airport, even with MAF plane and hangar.

                        Kokoda, full of beautifull nature...

More MAF related news: Orbx is working on Papua New Guinea airports !

Two MAF related FS newsitems in one week, that's what makes us glad.

On several FS-Newssites today the announcement, that Orbx, the wellknown brand which comes with a still increasing amount of airfields, regional and world wide scenery, now decided to create one addon, with several airports, airfields and even small landingstrips located in Papua New Guinea. The first preview shots can be found here.

 Alabeo comes with MAF's workhorse, the Cessna 207!

Finally it is going to happen ! The already wellknown FSX aircraft develloper has announced they are working on a Cessna 207.
This plane has widely been used by MAF but untill now there was neither a freeware nor payware version.
Seeing the other Alabeo planes, we can expect a beautifull depiction of the real one. Curious ? Take a look HERE