How to Become a Mafia Member...

1. Find out what kind of businesses the mafia conduct. Know what type of mafia you will be dealing with before you find them because you don't want to say the wrong things or show the wrong gang sign and get shot.
2. Now you must actually get up and find the mafia and where their project is located. Google map won't help you because they usually don't want to advertise their location to the cops. I told you that you actually have to get up.
3. Come up with a plan that you can do to get the attention of the mafia. They don't want a normal everyday person. They would be looking for someone with unique skills to help them with their missions.
4. Once they know who you are, attempt to talk to the leader. That is of course after you find out who the leader is. It is hard to communicate with leaders so you might have to talk with his right hand man or the guy with the most bullet holes in from saving the leader.
5. They may ask you to complete a serious of tasks. They will say that you must do everything at your own expensive and get something for them to prove that you are mafia material. You MUST complete this to get closer to joining the "brotherhood".
6. If you are reading this step that means you have gotten what they asked for and completed your task. You take what you have gotten and give it to the mafia. I know it is unfair because you gave up lots of money to get it and now you must give it away to them but it's all for the "brotherhood."
7. Now they will give you a form and it is the official form, one of a kind, special edition, and also mint condition. Take your time in filling this out because this close to the end of the procedure. Here is the link to the application incase they forgot to give it to you.
8. Now i believe you are done. Sit by the phone and wait for the call that will let you know whether they want you in or not. This should be the end because this is as far as i got and never got the call.