Al Capone

Alphonse Gabriel Capone  
        Al Capone also known as Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born in Brooklyn and not Chicago where he dominated with his mob family. At a young age he dropped out of catholic school to join a gang. He first joined small gangs called the Junior Forty Thieves and the Bowery boys. Later ending up the joining the powerful lower Manhattan gang of Five Points Gang. It was in this gang where he met his mentor Frankie Yale. He got the nickname Scarface because he got into a fight at a club for disrespecting a woman who brother, Frank Gallucio, slashed him. Capone later moved to Chicago in 1923 alone later to be followed by his family. Once in Chicago he was recruited by his former mentor in Johnny Torrio. In 1925 Johnny Torrio was seriously injured and passed down authority of the family and returned to Italy to spend the rest of his days. 
     Capone profits and what some would call a raise to power came from the illegal bootlegging of alcohol into and out of Chicago. The railroads transportation brought his contraband liquor into Chicago then he moved crossed country along the railroad system and runways to have a faster means of transporting goods. Capone was head of the Chicago Outfit which he used to help run his business of illegal smuggling. With the immense wealth he gained from the illegal trading of contraband liquor he tried to strengthen his influence in the city.  He used his new found wealth to control the election of the mayor of Cicero who later tried to betray Capone, to which he confronted him and smacked him down steps of course allegedly.  With controlling the election and having the mayor in his pocket Capone was able to move in Chicago without legal intrusion.
    Despite the mafia code of conduct al Capone was a flashy and flamboyant mafia head who attracted and loved attention.  He drove around in bulletproof, armor plated and flat tired protected Cadillac with a police siren on the hood, which was later confiscated by the government and used as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's limousine. He also made his headquarters the lavish Lexington hotel which in the underworld was known as Capone castle. With the addition of politicians under his control, he made money off prostitution and the owning of casinos and speakeasies.
     Then there was the act of the valentine massacre when 7 gangsters and bystanders were murdered cold blood on the street. This created the public outcry against the mafia and led to many legal ruminations and the get the legal “Get Capone Drive”. Capone was such a public figure that he brought mafia code to the mainstream to the dismay of the precedent set to remain in the shadows. Not only to the dismay of the mafia mob bosses but the profile of the name  Al Capone grew beyond what the city of Chicago was willing to tolerate. Especially that of the business community who wanted to hold a World fair in 1933, meant to provide a depression felt town with motivation and act as morale booster, but impossible with the constant escapades of Al Capone and company in the news. With his widely public image the mafia family summoned to the east in a meeting with the mafia mob bosses of the eastern part of the country where he was arranged to go to jail to bring the heat of his public image down or he was to be killed by the eastern mafia bosses. He was sentenced to jail on tax invasion mainly because the bootlegging charges wouldn’t stick in court. This action alone might have saved his life because his mafia lieutenants realized his shortcoming as head man and wanted him removed from the position. In the new built maximum prison Alcatraz, Capone himself experienced a loss of mental stability because of the venereal disease he suffered from. Unable to run his gang he moved to Florida with his family where he later went onto cardiac arrest after having a stroke and died.