Madame Janette

      Madame Janette is a retired cleaning lady. She worked for AAN, the airport authority, at the general aviation terminal in Port-au-Prince. It was through her work at the airport that she became associated with MAF and got to know many MAF pilots.
      Janette is the mother of seven and grandmother of seven as well.  Her house is a tiny, one-room
building with a small gallery, or porch, on the front.  The room, where six people sleep, is roughly 12 x 15 feet. During the earthquake, the front wall of her house collapsed and other walls were cracked. One person was sick, lying in bed, when the earthquake struck. Two others, Janette’s daughter and niece, tried to run out of the house when the ground started to shake, but were killed by falling debris. 
      Through a gift from the MAF Haiti Earthquake Response and Recovery fund, Janette has been able to rebuild her front wall and porch, making her house safer and more secure.  The next step will be to replace the old tin roof, which is 15 years old and leaks badly.
Janette and her family are so thankful for the help they have received, 
which is made possible by the thousands of people who support MAF.