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Typical Service

We have one service on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Where other churches have decided to go to two services, one contemporary and one traditional, we felt that worshiping together was more important than style of worship. Our service is very rooted in its long standing tradition but it is not limited to it. We have a large and very dynamic choir that sings the old favorites but also brings us to new places and heights. We often have solo performers that bring their gifts to share, and from time to time we have our contemporary band play. Our time of worship together never goes by without a surprise. We find ourselves laughing and crying together as we share in life’s journey together. The children’s time is often one of those unpredictable moments but the surprise gift of the day could come from anywhere. This is a fun and loving congregation and joy always finds its way into the service. 

When everything is said and done it all comes down to the Holy Spirit. With our whole heart and soul we call on the Holy Spirit to come into our worship and move us beyond the challenges of our life and into the presence of the Lord. If you wish to open your heart and give your life in service to the Lord, you have found home with us.