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Baptism is powerful act in the life of a Christian. In an infant baptism we adopt the child into our church family. We take on the body of Christ to raise the child in the love and passion of Christ, so the child learns over time the depth of Christ’s love for them. The baptism is both a symbolic act of our faith, reminding us that we belong to Christ. But the baptism is also a spiritual moment that goes beyond our human understanding. We are shaped by the Holy Spirit as children and adults in ways that we cannot comprehend and in the sacrament of Baptism we become one with Christ. When children reach the age of young adulthood approximately thirteen years old they enter into a time of training and reflection where they reaffirm their baptism. Others come into our faith as adults and they make the decision to be baptized and give themselves to Christ in heart, mind, and body. Baptism is the only requirement to become a member of our church.

If you have questions about baptism for yourself or a child please contact the Pastor. You will meet and discus your faith journey and to plan the course that best serves you. You will explore the depths of the faith statements that one makes when being baptized.