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Bible Study

We have many different bible study opportunities from Sunday mornings before service to special meals with seniors and young adults. When we look at a passage of the bible we ask ourselves what does this mean to us at this time in our life. We look at the historical circumstances of the scripture. We dig and dig until we come to a new understanding, a new depth of living in God’s light and love. Our goal is always to find freedom and power in living a life in Christ. It is in him that we lose ourselves and find our true self. The bible for us is not just about living a moral life, what we are after is much more impactful and profound then that. What we seek is to be filled with the presence of peace, grace, and love that comes from Christ. We look for the methods it takes to return ourselves to this place of being in Christ. To be honest every day comes with certain challenges for all of us. These challenges require us to develop practices that work to return ourselves in mind, spirit, and body to God.