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In the United Church of Christ, confirmation is the process through which a young person becomes a full adult member of the church. It is a time of preparation leading to the public confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and public affirmation of belief in God the Creator. In our church confirmation is not considered a sacrament like Communion and Baptism, but it is nonetheless a very formal rite of the church, whereby we recognize a young person’s ability to make mature decisions about their faith.

Participation in the confirmation program traditionally takes place during a young person’s 7th grade year, but is available to anyone in grade 7 and above who wishes to be confirmed. Confirmation classes are held on Wednesday evenings and during the Sunday School hour, from the beginning of the school year until Easter. Additional classes and activities are also scheduled during that time, to further enhance the confirmation experience of our youth.

Confirmation is not to be considered “graduation”. Rather, it is the beginning of a journey that we hope will bring our young people into a strong and loving relationship with God. As our youth are confirmed, we are asking them to make a commitment to continue to seek God and God’s will in their lives, and to actively participate in the life and ministry of our church. We joyfully welcome these young people into our church family.