Welcome to St. John United Church of Christ
Maeystown, Illinois

Senior Pot-Luck and Bible Study

Come join us for great fellowship and meaningful conversation the third Tuesday of each month. 

Bingo at Oak Hill

Third Monday of each month @ 1:30, bingo starts at 2 o'clock.  Please help if you can!!!!! A Women's Fellowship (W.F.) sponsored event gladly accepts donations of Individually wrapped snacks, word search books, or anything you may think of interest to a nursing home resident. Monetary donations are also appreciated so that W.F. can purchase needed items. W.F. sincerely appreciate any help. 

Backpack Program 
Please keep this program at the top of your list and donate food or funds when possible. 

Empty Ink Cartridges 
Please bring your empty ink cartridges to church for recycling at Office Depot. We will receive credit toward the purchase of office supplies. A basket is located under the table in the vestibule. Thanks!

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