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Custom Christmas Orders!

posted Dec 14, 2017, 7:39 PM by Morgan McGrath

I've sweet talked Morgan of MaevinWrenArt into making a few of her Gorgeous Glasses for sale!!!

If you haven't seen them, they are all over Pintrest( and Instagram(, and are pretty darn incredible.

Despite people hounding her for them, she's been on extended hiatus from crafting them because of school. But her school's out for the holidays, so I managed to talk her into some ;).

She's only looking to do 3 sets, 1 set of balloons and 2 sets of either flutes or wine. Since she's only up for making a few of them, the only fair way to decide who gets them is some sort of auction.

Cribbing from Google, who uses it for ads, we are going to go with a 'second price' auction. Here's how it works- bid what you are willing to pay. If you win, rather than paying your full bid, you only pay what you need to win the auction. So if you bid $500, and there are also bids of $40, $70 and $60, you'll pay $70.

The form to bid is: Bids must be submitted by Friday night(12/15), so they can arrive before the 25th. (We can ship in time to anywhere in the continental US)

The Cute Boy,

PS: She's also going to do some Hairsticks- so check out what she's done in the past on etsy(, and if there's a particular style you're dying to get, email, and we'll see what we can do.