Using VoiceThread for Book Talks

This web-based  tool allows teachers to assess student knowledge of literature through their multi-media presentations.  Their reading is self-chosen, as is their technology-based presentations of the books to their peers. 



Using VoiceThread to create book talks and other pieces of work in Literature class is the new method to create multi-media presentations.

Working individually, or with reading partners, students will create an interactive, web-based presentation that allows them to display a greater understanding of written text. There is more opportunity for discussion and response between classmates.

Working in an elementary setting, students will be capable of working without the teacher's direct instruction as VoiceThread enters the classroom routine. Although students have access to the Internet in a small group setting, then edit and add to their project from home, or any other Internet connection. Give the students the responsibility, challenge, and freedom of expressing their work at a new level!

The content does not change with the use of VoiceThread, however the way in which the content is expressed changes entirely. With the use of technology, students will find themselves in a student-centered work environment with new challenges. They will be more aware of their learning, their progress, and their efforts in their work. Moving a step up from podcasts, VoiceThread allows students' work to become interactive with the world.

There are many branches of a working VoiceThread. The concept map below is an example of how you can structure your students' work with VoiceThread.

For an more in-depth explanation of the benefits of VoiceThread, watch the thread below.