Mind Mapping



I chose to use Mindomo to create my mind map.  I created a map that was to correlate with to my students' knowledge of the subject.  It would act as a guide for instruction, but also for assement at the end of the unit.  My students' maps should resemble mine (ideally).

I preferred working with Mindomo because of their layout and options.  I found that it allowed you to insert images, and it had various options on format, colors, fonts, shapes, etc.  It gave the user many tools to work with.  I enjoyed the visually appealing formats to be more enticing than basic options found on the other two sites.  I discovered the other two options required you to purchase an account to allow including photos and hyperlinks in their maps.  They also seemed to have fewer editing options for their maps.  Thinking in terms of fifth grade students, I think this was a very user-friendly program and that they would also enjoy the color/format options in when making their maps.