Annemie Maertens


Welcome to my homepage.


I am a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics at the University of Sussex.

I approach international poverty from a social and behavioral angle. I focus my research on three distinct topics: (1) Learning, (2) Gender, and  (3) Agricultural Markets.   

Within the topic of learning, I ask questions such as: How do farmers in developing countries learn from each other and from experts about new agricultural technologies, and how does this affect their uptake?  How do parents learn about the quality of their children? Does education affect our decision-making processes?  Within the topic of gender, I focus on the marriage markets and education of girls in India in particular. I ask the following questions: How do social norms of early marriage affect investment in education of girls and the wellbeing of their offspring later in life?  What determines the social norms of marriage, and what are the effects of the extended family norm?  And, can adult literacy programs targeting women change their bargaining power in traditional societies?  Within the topic of agricultural markets, I focus on the role of market imperfections in rural markets in developing countries. I ask questions such as: How can we improve output market access to farmers, and what are the effects from doing so?  

To answer these questions I work with secondary data or collect household data, often combined with lab-in-the-field experiments or Randomized Controlled Trials.  I greatly enjoy fieldwork; it allows me to be creative and ask questions typically unasked in standard surveys, and the close interaction with households gives me a deeper understanding of the relevant issues, and also provides inspiration for future research.

For my information on my current research projects (including questionnaires and data) see my research page. Students at Sussex University can refer to my teaching page.

Contact information:

Jubilee Building 260

University of Sussex

Falmer, Brighton

 Phone: 01273 -  678840


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