• Participating in a workshop "Project funding opportunities of the European Union - Design of Logframe",  22.-23.9.2006, Graz, Austria. (Certificate of participation)
    • Participating in a seminar "FRIEDENSFÖRDERUNG  UND ZIVILE KONFLIKTBEARBEITUNG IN ENTWICKLUNGSLÄNDERN" Ursachen - Strategien - Potentiale,  13.-16.2.2007, Innsbruck, Austria. (Certificate of participation)
    • Attending an excursion organized by ÖAD,  6.-11.5.2007, Vienna, Austria
    • Participating in 32nd IAHR Congress,  1.-6.7.2007, Venice, Italy
    • Participating in "Neue Anforderungen an den Wasserbau - International Symposium",  11.-12.9.2008, Zurich, Switzerland.
    • Participating in 33rd IAHR Congress,  9.-14. 8.2009, Vancouver, Canada.
    • Organizing an excursion to Egypt for students at Institute of Hydraulic and Water Resources, Technical University of Munich; (Field trip to Egyptian Engineering Projects: Aswan High Dam, Suez Canal, Al Salam Syphon, Sadd El Kafara, Toshka Project, Toshka Pumping Station, Nagh Hammadi Barrage and Hydraulic Research Institute), 7.-16.4.2010. (Report)
    • Participating in 1st Eurpean IAHR Congress,  4.-6.5.2010, Edinburgh, Scotland,  England
    • Participating in RiverFlow2010 - International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, 8.-10.9.2010, Braunschweig, Germany. (Certificate of participation)
    • Organizing of field trip to Germany for Egyptian Engineers from MWRI, 26.9-4.10.2010.
    • Attending a short course " Sediment Transport and GSTARS Computer Modeling" Given by Prof. Chih Ted Yang from Colorado State University, 8.-12.11.2010, Stuttgart, Germany. (Certificate of participation)