The Upcoming Marriage of 

Maeganann & Matthew 

July 4th, 2008 

Faith Presbyterian Church Reformed 

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Wedding Party:

Best Man - Edgar Jalapa

Maid of Honor - Jennifer Gilbert

Bridesmaid - Hillary Womack

Registry Information:

We wish to start our life as debt free as possible. The only debt remaining are student loans. If you would like to send a wedding gift, cash would be most appreciated. All cash gifts will be applied to this specific purpose.

If you would prefer to send a gift card, we love the products available from any of these Ribbon Gift Collections.

For the traditional set, we are registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Cue the Music

Matthew proposed on December the 3rd at the Flying Saucer in Addison. The proposal went something like this, "So here's my plan...we get married, then move into the house in Rowlett and start working on a family." I think I replied, "Sure, that sounds great."

A little while later he mention that I never officially answered when he proposed. I asked if that was THE Proposal?! He replied back, "It's my plan. A plan is a proposal." I said, "umm, OK!"

Talk then turned to a July wedding. Fireworks...definitely. BBQ...sounds great. French siege weapon...say what?


Oh, Matrimonial Glory! Wedding, Trebuchet, Fireworks & BBQ

What would a Matt and Maegan wedding be without some offbeat fun and games? Normal people have the bride gently toss her bouquet into the waiting throng of single women. We feel a true contender should be willing to do a 20 yard dash for the thrill of victory.

"Ladies, prepare to go long!"

Introducing the Bouquet Trebuchet! Matt is currently working on building a miniature model of the Stirling WarWolf trebuchet that I will use to launch my bouquet into the hands of a deserving lady. Hopefully it will also provide hours of fun to the menfolk during the wedding reception.

Words of Wisdom from a seasoned pro

A little while ago my soon-to-be Mother-in-Law gave me a wonderful list. It contains a few words of wisdom on marriage that she has learned over the years. Over the last few months I've had it pinned to my fridge so I could remind myself that marriage is not just "oh I get to be a pretty, pretty princess for a day". I thought I would share a few of them...

  • Love is a choice!
  • You can be right or you can be happy. Sometimes that is your choice in marriage. The longer you choose to argue you are right, the longer you live in a battlefield.
  • Marriage is a model of Christ and His church. Marriage is based on grace and grace means treating people better than they deserve.
  • Love does not keep a score of wrongs nor bring up past failures.

How We Met

Matt & I met through work at Bank of America. We both started as part-time associates in the Richardson Lockbox. I remember meeting Matt several times in passing, he was always a joy to talk with. Then fate would have it, we were both hired full-time. We spent several years as co-worker/friends; Hanging out together, sharing stories, and dealing with Angel (our boss). Many people say they wouldn't want to work with their loved one because then you're always together. I say being always together really shows you all of a person.