Advent Calendar 2007 -
Orcs in the Webbe

Advent Calendar 2007

Day 24
A Frontear Article
Frontear: Questions & Answers
An Interview with Gavin Syme
Your first look into the new game from Alternative Armies...

Day 23
A Dresda Article
A Fistful of Groats
by Steve Blease
Some random thoughts on how to approach the original pre-Flintloque game of Dresda, also chock full of scenario ideas for any AA game..

Day 22
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario
Sharke's Enemy
by Steve Blease
Can Sharke and a group of Redcoats try to delay the Ferach advance
until the Army of Albion arives.

Day 21
A Background Article for Flintloque
The Year of Librerties
by Danny O'Hara
A glimpse at the Bog-Orc Rebellion in

 Day 20
A New Character for Flintloque Reloaded
Grandfather Frost
by Craig Andrews
Read about how a Faerie herald lost all he loved and became Grandfather Frost, doomed to wander the frozen lands of the Star Wraith in search of hope.

Day 19
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario
The Outlaw Blues
by Simon Evans
Join Captain Proust and his Garde Municipal on a search for wanted criminals in Armorica away from the front lines of the war.

Day 18
A Collection of Background Snippets for Flintloque
The Illustrated Londinium Times
by Alternative Armies
Join us for the launch of the electronic edition of Albion's favourite newspaper.

Day 17
A Background Article for Flintloque
Uniformation - High Elf Line Foot Artillerie
by Simon Evans
A closer look at the organisation and uniform of part of the Usurper Mordred's army.

Day 16
Flintloque Reloaded Scenario
Tales of Albion: The Blackleg Miners
by Matthew Hartley
Help the hard working Orcs of Albion strike against McGrogger and his Guinalean Blacklegs.

 Day 15
A Story from Valon

The Memoirs of Sergeant Graznak, Part the Fourthe
by Mac Coxhead
Catch up with the further exploits of Graznak at Port Bristle and beyond.

Day 14
A Background Article for Flintloque
 The Kinkon Delta
by Steve Blease
Follow the exploits of the Union of Seccesionist Albionites (U.S.A.) as they fight Goblin Pyrates and Water Dragons in the Kinkon Delta.

Day 13
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario
 Legion of the Damned
by Andrew Davey
We catch up again with The Old Man and his section of criminals deep behind the lines of the Star Wraith.

Day 12
Rules for Flintloque Reloaded
 Native Human Scouts
by Peter Bowkett
After the fall of Dresda Humans became scarce on Valon, however some hardier ones didn't die out straight away

Day 11
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario
 Prisoner Snatch
by Steve Blease
A small section of Orcs on piquet duty find a surprise waiting for them in the woods.

Day 10
An Historical Flintloque Article
 Slice & Dice
by Steve Blease
A classic article about converting miniatures from the early days of Flintloque

Day 9
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario
 Over the Hills and Far Away
by Steve Blease
A group of Goblins try to break through a Dark Elf blockade to get a religious artefact to safety

 Day 8
A Story from Valon
 Rolling Fyre
by Gavin Syme
Private Titus Grime and the
Orcs of the 60th fight the Ferach in this story direct from Alternative Armies' own Gavin Syme.

 Day 7
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario
 Tales of Albion: The Smashing of the Van
by Matthew Hartley
The Mix try to liberate two of thier captured comrades from the clutches of the Orcs of Albion

 Day 6
A Background Article for Flintloque
 Not Bitter ! (Just Getting Even...)
by Steve Blease
Details of the Guinelian Plight against the Albion oppressors.

Day 5
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario
 Tales of Albion: Shooting Gozen Cock's Up
by Matthew Hartley
Back home, away from the Mordredian Wars, lower class Orcs are forced into poaching to feed thier familes.

Day 4
A Story from Valon

 Otto's Folly
by Mac Coxhead and Steve Blease
The piece of fiction that started it all, Otto's Folly tells the tale of the fall of the humans at Dresda.

 Day 3
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario

 Sharke's Wagon
by Simon Evans
Sharke and his Rifles lie in wait for a Ferach Wagon laden with booze.
(Includes rules for Ambushes in games of Flintloque Reloaded!)

Day 2
A Bit of Flintloque Fluff

 The Dracci
by Various
Whatever happened to the mysterious Dragon kin from the east.... 

 Day 1
A Flintloque Reloaded Scenario

 The Crimson Bunionette: Act 3 "West Side Sortie"
by Matthew Hartley
Horny has to rescue Bette from a Ferach Gaol before she is executed for her crimes against Mordred.