This is my Waybill generator for model railroaders. This Windows-based program is absolutely FREE. Click on the link at left to view a sample waybill. Waybills may be printed in FULL PAGE WIDTH or HALF PAGE WIDTH. The sample is full page.

PLEASE NOTE:  The current version will not work with Windows systems later than XP.
Due to waning interest for this type of program
I haven't had the urge to write a newer version. 

"Thank You" to all who have enjoyed the program.
--Lee Solomon

While designed for modular railroad clubs and The Sacramento Modular Railroaders in particular, it will work just as well with permanent layouts. Be aware the program does not track individual freight cars like some other programs, but it does allow the flexibility required by modular clubs. ALL CARS ARE ASSUMED TO BE DISPATCHED FROM A YARD TO AN INDUSTRY. There is no industry-to-industry dispatching.

Each module is treated as a TOWN and within these towns are INDUSTRIES. Each industrial spur track is treated as a separate INDUSTRY and information about the type and quantity of freight cars the spur can hold is entered into the database along with the TOWN and INDUSTRY names. The database is built only once, even for modular clubs.

Once the database has been built, it is a breeze to configure the SWITCHING DISTRICTS.  These SWITCHING DISTRICTS are what give the program such flexibility and allow the user to sequence the order of pick up. With the click of a button, a waybill is generated for any of the 6 switching districts. Room is provided to write-in a description for each freight car in the consist as the train is made-up.

The freight car descriptions printed on the waybill may be customized by the user.
The Header and Footer for the waybills may be customized by the user.

Click on the Download arrow to the right of file Waybill.zip below to download the program for the first time. Please create a separate folder for the program and its associated files to avoid any conflicts.

IMPORTANT: Download the MRBTupdate.zip file if you already have the program to avoid losing any Options or Freight Car file data.

You may need to download an additional 3 Visual Basic files to run this program: VBRun300.dll, CommDLG.dll and CMDialog.vbx. These files can be installed by downloading the Visualb.zip file below.  Install these in the same folder as the program files.

You will also need an unzip utility such as WinZip to unzip the program files. If you do not have such a utility, click on the WINZIP SITE link.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Newer operating systems may require you to set the Compatibility setting of the MRBT.exe file to an earlier version of Windows to run properly.  Simply right click on the MRBT.exe file to get the drop-down menu.  Choose Properties, then the Compatibility tab from the window that opens.  I know the program runs fine with the Windows 95 setting.

Minor change to Industry screen to clarify SAVING procedure 2-12-2001
Real Help file added to program with print capability 4-30-2000 although newer
     operating systems refuse to recognize it!  Simply open the HELP file manually.
Easier to read color scheme on Waybill Print Preview Screen 4-16-2000
Ability to stop the train animation 4-16-2000
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By the way, the name "Mad River & Big Timber" comes from the Mad river in Northern California
which snakes its way through some mighty big trees!

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