The Ruins of Kota at
Madridejos built in 1630
by Gobernadorcillo Gabriel Lazaro Mangubat


Long before Bantayan was subdivided into three municipalities the whole island was referred to as Bantayan island. 

The first church built  in Lawis(now called Madridejos) in 1600s was not exclusively  built for  Lawisanon but for the entire Island of bantayan it was the only existing church at that time 

It was later that the island was subdivided into "pueblos" and then into "municipalities" together with the  establishment  of  another parish church in the Island to accommodate the growing population that Municipality of Santa Fe,  Municipality of Bantayan, and Municipality of Madridejos were created, the churches were separated  in governanance.

It was in Lawis were new settlers in Bantayan Island settled and concentrated and these people  built a kota and a church though the church they built now had succumbed to the wear and tear of the passage of time the kota can still be seen.

It was only during the time of Fr Doroteo Andrade in 1830s that the church was relocated in its present location in Municipality of Bantayan

Today lawis lost its limelights and crown even history as the location where the new settlers grouped and settled if not for the edifice which we can still be seen today  that stands as evidence of its ancient historic past,

The kota was built in 1630 and not in 1790. Lawis is  the true Bantayan than to the now holder of the name Bantayan which is the municipality of Bantayan.

Eng'r. Brient  D.  Mangubat

Email: bdmangubat@gmail.com