Canyon Rumble Frozen Half

Canyon Rumble Frozen Half 

(also including a 5k and 10k!)

December 5th, 2015

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This is a trail race that will be December 5th 2015 at 10am. The Race will start and finish at Madras Physical Therapy. The race is 25 dollars.  Price will increase to 30 dollars after 11/28/15.  All Proceeds will go to the MADras Runners Jack Watts Memorial Scholarship.  The goal of this scholarship is to encourage and support running in our youth as they pursue higher education . There will be prizes for the first place finishers in each age bracket.  Prizes will also be awarded to our "Odd Ball" category winners.  Racers that finish the course will receive a finishing gift.

The 5k and 10k will follow the same course as the  half marathon but will turn around at the half way mark for each race.  The 5k is $10 and 10k is $15 and $30 for a family (up to 5 members).  
Course Records for the Half
With the M Hill
Male:  Robert Thayer 1:25:29
Female:  Ashley Nordell 1:36:27 

Without the M Hill
Ryan McLaughlin1:23:11

Ashley Nordell1:46:22

Course Description
This is an out and back course through Willow Canyon. The first half of the race will be a gradual downhill and the second half will be gradual uphill. What goes down must go up. The first mile will be through the west side of Madras, Oregon on paved road to the paved trail up the M hill. The climb up the M hill will be a short one but a good one (100 foot gail for .2 miles). Around 2mile you will hit the dirt trial into Willow Canyon. The trail in Willow Canyon will be a combination of single track and gravel road. There will be a few foot bridges to cross and some navigation over some tricky rocks. It is important to watch your footing on this course because there is several hazards typical to trail running. Due to the time of year at which the race is weather may also be a factor. So please be prepared for ice, snow, rain and mud. This race is not a road race. All runners are warned and responsible for their own safety.  Our volunteers will leaving the course at 1 pm.  That gives runners 3 hours to complete the race.  Runners are welcome to continue after 1pm but please be advised that the course will be open to traffic.
Click here for some awesome course photos.
Here is a map of the purposed course
Aid Stations
There will be several aid stations on the course that will provide water and Gatoraid.  They will be positioned around mile 2, , half way and 11. 
Race Reviews
Thank you for a wonderful race, volunteers who graciously filled my bottle, and cheered us all along. Cool hats, too! I enjoyed the "M" hill, tough though it was was. Reward for making it up the 2nd time: those cool switchbacks! And oranges at the finish have never tasted better. Thanks again, and good work on an excellent first-year event. - Laura Kantor
Holy cow- that was fun! Amazing scenery, very well organized, and awesome volunteers. Thank you for a great race! Love the hat- Keith Martin
Very fun race! Magnificent scenery, I'll be back if you do it again next year. Many thanks to all the volunteers, and best of luck to the Friends of the Trail, their goals are well worth supporting. -Dan Murphhy