The primary objective of this project is to share ideas with teachers of English as a foreign language in order to help the learners get acquainted with e-learning and take it for granted that technology can boost school work! We are already in the 21st century. The learning tools and methods must change in accordance with the rapid change in the information and communication fields that had greatly affected the students' life. A student who is exposed to technological devices every moment should find the same environment at school otherwise; school becomes a waste land or an alien place. Not only should Information and Communication Technology be integrated in the classroom, but also the learners and teachers should have access to it as well. Teaching through mini-projects to incite the students to work collaboratively, to think, to analyze, to apply, to evaluate ... in a word to be consciously involved and engaged in learning. They have tendencies to learn by doing. With the internet, it becomes almost ironical to keep delivering information. The teacher's job shifts to serve as a facilitator: No more teaching, but just guiding them to teach themselves using digital devices because they are digital learners.

The mini-projects are part of the classroom scenario and they include

  • Lessons or exposés
  • Quizzes
  • Evaluation
  • Writing
  • Language Games
  • PowerPoint Presentations


Most of these are meant to serve many purposes at the same time:

  • Acquaintance with e-Learning
  • Entertainment
  • Interactivity
  • Simplicity
  • Developing skills

     Digital learners need digital teachers for compatibility; That's why interested teachers are invited to take part in the change and join Cyber Classroom.

            These articles are meant to stir the new experience and try to push it to the limits. New technological devices interfering with our job as teachers makes it harder for us to control information sources which are mostly conflicting. Can the students evaluate information alone? I am not sure; teachers’ role is to skip delivering information into training the students to use critical thinking.


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