Profile of the Bishop Elect, Rev. Can. Charles Collins Andaku

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Rev. Can. Charles Collins Andaku
The 50 year-old Andaku, was born on 22nd November 1965 in Kibigoro, Avavu-Katrini, Terego County in Arua district to retired pastor Rt. Rev Canon Semi Draku of Terego Arch Deaconry and Racheal Draku.   He trained as a secondary school teacher and received a Diploma in Education from Muni National Teacher’s College in 1991. He then received a Bachelor of Education from Makerere University in 1999.

At the time of his appointment, he was serving as Chaplain of Muni Girls secondary school. He was ordained a deacon in 2005 and a Priest in 2006. He was ordained as a Reverend in 2005 by late Bishop Lee Drati. He quickly rose to the various offices within the church.

The new Bishop received his Master in Divinity from Uganda Christian University. In 2010, he started lecturing at UCU, Arua Campus and in 2012; he became the vicar of Emmanuel Cathedral. He likes listening to Christian music, reading Christian literature and athletics.

In May this year, he was made a canon at Mvara Cathedral by Bishop Joel Obetia.

Madi and West Nile diocese covers Arua, Moyo, Maracha, Yumbe, Koboko and Adjumani districts.

Madi West Nile Diocese Gets New Bishop

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The Christians and people of West Nile woke up on Sunday to the news of a new bishop for Madi and West Nile diocese.

The outgoing Bishop Joel Obetia called Radio Pacis News Room around 11pm to reveal the outcome of the elections that ended on the night of 12th of November 2016.

Reverend Charles Collins Andaku who has been serving as the vicar general of Emmanuel Cathedral was finally elected as the 7th Bishop of the Diocese.

According to Bishop Obetia, the house of bishops sitting in Iganga at around 10:42pm elected Rev. Canon Charles Collins Andaku who has been the vicar Emmanuel Cathedral as the seventh bishop of Madi West Nile Diocese.

He said the consecration and enthronement is slated for 26th February 2017.

The Arch Bishop and Bishops sent their congratulations to the people and Christians of Madi West Nile diocese and ask that Gods be upon Collins and his family.

Bishop Obetia says between now and February preparations are being made for enthronement and his vacation of office.

There were jubilations by Christians throughout the night and this continued on Sunday after the announcements were made during the various services.

After attending Sunday service at Emmanuel Cathedral Mvara, Rev Canon Charles Collins Andaku, said the news of being elected as bishop of Madi West Nile Diocese was a surprise and shock to him, looking at the hierarchy of the church, he couldn’t believe that he could be elected to that position.

The Bishop Elect thanked God for the decision of accepting Jesus Christ as his lord and savior while at senior two in Mvara secondary school.

He attributes his humility to God, his parental upbringing and the fellowship of scripture union appealing to the young people to join and enroll in scripture union pointing out that great people in the church like Rt Arch Bishop Luke Orombi, Bishop Joel Obetia and other prominent people like Dr Ezama are all products of the scripture union.

Rev Canon Charles Collins Andaku stresses that he intends to pray and fast more often to seek for the Lord’s guidance as he takes up this calling to serve the Christians. He also appeals to the Christians to continue praying for him and welcomes any useful information to shape the diocese.

He promises to serve the flock and serve them with diligence.

Rev Canon now becomes the seventh Bishop of the Anglican Church in Madi and West Nile diocese that is to celebrate its centenary in 2018.


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In a bid to improve information sharing and the growth of the Ministry of Evangelism, Madi West Nile Diocese is in the process of developing a diocesan website.
The design process which is under taken by PK IT Consultants will allow users to access what is happening within the Diocese through news and articles sections. The website is also set to include other social features such as Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, and so on. WATCH OUT FOR IT!!

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