Spiritual Developments

We are now faced with the Challenges of Islam, which is fast growing in the region. In addition to this the media (radio, television and the internet), and the gradual growth of drug abuse posses a big moral challenge. The Diocese has a plan of ground the Christians to know their faith and remain committed to it and also be willing to share it with others in a way that the our life becomes infectious in the world around us. The strategies are:

  • Equipping the Church leaders (Clergy and the Readers) through continuous in-service training programmes.

  • Full time training for new leaders for the Church

  • Training Bible Study and discipleship leaders

  • Preparing materials for Parish ministry (Lectionary link, Bible study materials, Sunday school materials)

  • Preparing Sunday School Teachers and Promotion of Sunday School Classes in every local Churches

  • Have vibrant youth programmes in every Archdeaconry and Parish.

Social Development

The Diocese now aims at promoting sustainable community development that will go a long in ensuring food security, household incomes, basic primary health care programs, formal education, and functional adult literacy, etc. We hope that these programmes will build the capacity of the Christians to support their families and the Church. These will be implemented by the Archdeaconry development committees, who will be equipped to help the community to achieve their development objectives.

Institutional development:

60% of the Diocesan incomes is from Church offertory while 40% percent of the income are donor funds for designated community development and empowerment programmes. To initiate a sustainable income base for the future, the Diocese plans to invest in building a Diocesan Plaza estimated to cost 2 billion shillings (£800,000) in Arua town. We have challenged the Christians to work for the development of their own Church by each Christian making a minimum contribution of 0ne thousand shillings (less than half a pound) – even when most families leave on less than a dollar a day, they have received this project warmly. This was launched in September. We hope to get a greater part of the money from a bank and willing development partners.