About Us

What began with a tear in the sleeve of a brand new wetsuit quickly launched into a helpful service for triathletes and other wetsuit users. Madison Wetsuit Repair was founded to serve the needs of the Madison, WI triathlon community and quickly spread through the southern part of the state and now has fixed wetsuits for triathletes in 24 states.  

Our Experience Shows!

You can find many different wetsuit "repair" products all over the internet.  They are good products but are not intended for major repairs and you may only get a single use before a seam blows out again.  A professional, quality repair takes experience and the right tools for the job.  The product you purchase from your local sports stores often won't form the correct bond needed for continued use and some of them can even degrade the wetsuit materials.  Simply cementing seams back together will often fail again and the glue from iron on patches wears out very quickly.  If you want your repair to last for many more seasons let the professionals help you out.