Pictured From Left to Right:
Road Worker: Hope Higgins, Road Foreman: Gary Mitchell

The Madison Township Road Crew consists of two full time employees and occasionally a part time employee during the summer mowing season.

The Madison Township
Road Crew is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 53.71 miles of township roadway, 365 days per year, throughout all types of weather.  The Road Department also maintains a variety of township structures, equipment, ditches and culverts.

Residents desiring assistance or who have questions, comments, or concerns about the state of Township roads should contact Road Supervisor, Gary Mitchell at (330) 424-7480.  You may also address your road related concerns to any of your Madison Township Trustees.

Please note that in addition to township roads, Madison Township is intersected by a number of state and county roads that are maintained by Columbiana County or the Ohio Department of Transportation, respectively.