Here You Will Find Help From Students on Various Middle School Math Topics

The students at Madison Number One Middle School have created some lessons that may help you with your math.  They have selected topics they feel they know well and have put together information, "how to's", practice problems and even assessments so you can see if you are getting the "hang of it."  These are done solely by students, so there may be a few minor errors in the presentations.  However, I have done my best to change any content errors for your benefit.  Personally I am proud of each and every student that has contributed to this site and I think they have done a stellar job trying to share what they know, in their own words in an effort to help you!  I hope you find the help you are looking for.  Enjoy the resources and happy math-ing!


On the left you will see broad mathematics topics.  Look through to see if the help you need is available.  You will be able to see the topic in the table, then click on the corresponding lessons on the bottom of the page under the attachments.  You can download these to your computer and viola - you have some extra help from your peers.

They come in a variety of formats.  From video to games, to power-points.  I have listed the software you may need to access these files.  They are all on line and free.  I have listed the extensions and what type of file they are on the Download page, so you will know how to open the file. 

A few tips for you:

If you are looking at a Power Point, save it to your desktop and view it as a presentation so you can have the benefit of all the animation that the students have provided for you.

Open the publisher file and then go to the file menu and view the file as "Web Page Preview."  This will allow you to take advantage of the interactive features of the file.

Drag the side of the preview window so you have a larger view of the video.

This year's lessons should be all posted by June first.  Be sure to check back from time to time as I will be adding the students' lessons from previous years and more video, over the summer.  So, there are a lot more files to come!!!

Thank you for visiting us. 
Ms. Leckman