That crazy mousing/keyboard/gesturing device, the Touchstream LP.  This is the tech that got Apple started.

Below are pictures of various tent stands that I've built for my Touchstream LP.  This device, when first offered by FIngerworks came with or without a metal tent stand that held two gel pads for palm rests.  At the time I convinced my company to buy this for me, hoping to help my RSI, but I felt like the 'extra' $40 for the tent was too much and maybe unnecessary.  I learned quickly that the tent -is- necessary, and built the first one you see below.  I used that one for a long time (2-3 years?) before building the second and third stands shown.  Each has their advantages.

My first tent:  Plywood covered with carpet.  The plywood is glued together, and the carpet is stapled in place. 

My second tent:  This one is much thinner plywood, and I built it with hinges.  I built this tent when I was working from home, and commuting once a week into my office.  This tent would fold in half and fit in my computer bag, while I put the TS in a modified DVD case which is shown at the end of this page.  Here you can see the hinges underneath, and the flat washer-like nuts are visible just beneath the Delete and enter keys.  The black sections under the tent are stick-on rubber pieces that helped keep the TS still when it straddled my laptop or when it was sitting on my lap.

 My third tent:  This one is fairly new.  I built it in summer 2007.  I am in a new job which requires a lot more computer time, and I found that constantly 'hovering' my hands was really starting to have a negative effect on my forearms.  So, I decided to build a tent more like the standard issue Fingerworks tent.  I wanted gel pads to use as palm rests, and found two mousepads to use.  

Finally, these are two pictures of the DVD case that I use for transporting the TS whenever it needs to be moved. I cut out all the sleeves that were intended to hold DVDs, and I cut some eggcrate foam to take up the extra slack inside the case.  The TS fits nicely when folded in half.  I always wrap the cord up in a loose coil and place it between the halves.  That prevents the cord or, especially, the USB plug from damaging either surface.