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Community Association Manager FAQ

Why does Madison Hill have a community association manager and what do they do?

Most communities have found that having an offsite community association manager is more efficient than relying on the community homeowners to volunteer their time to run the day-to-day business of the association. The current contract with RGN Management provides for various services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial accounting services including collections of dues and fees
  • Preparation of annual budget draft
  • Obtaining required insurance certificates
  • Storage of required records
  • Quick drive-thru property inspection per week
  • Coordination of services needed for the common areas such as landscaping maintenance, electric, water, street sweeping, streets and sidewalk maintenance, and other repairs as needed.

Madison Hill Home Owners' Association Board of Directors

  • President: Christopher M. Henry Sr.
  • Vice-President: Larry Tyce 
  • Secretary: Freda Morgan
  • Treasurer: Thomas Sadiq
  • Member at Large:  Grace-Ann lewis
  • Covenant Committee - Chair -
  • Internet Committee - Chair, Mr. Delehant
  • Community Liaison Officer -

The board of directors is the final authority for managing the Madison Hill HOA. Board members serve a three year term and elections are held at the annual meeting. If a board member resigns, the remaining members may appoint another member of the association to fill the unexpired term.


Home Owners' Association FAQ


What is a home owners' association?

A home owners' association is a not for profit legal entity which is incorporated, comprised of a group of homeowners, and functions like most other corporations. For example: accounting records and financial statements are maintained and prepared in addition to filing an annual tax return. A volunteer governing board is required (board of directors), and the board must be members of the home owners' association.


Why does Madison Hill have a home owners' association?
Anytime a community has common areas that require community maintenance, an association must be formed for the purpose of maintaining those common areas. A home owners' association provides the means to keep property values high or higher than the surrounding communities because the board establishes and enforces rules and regulations regarding the consistency of property appearances through their volunteer efforts.

Who are the members of the home owners' association?
All Madison Hill property owners are members of the Madison Hill Home Owners' Association. The members of the association elect the board of directors who volunteer their time to serve in a decision making capacity.

Who are the board of directors and what do they do?

The current Madison Hill Board consists of 5 members -- the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and 1 member at large. The board members serve 1 to 3-year terms during which they conduct the decision-making aspect of the association. Board members meet every month with the community association manager to discuss matters such as collection issues, status of homeowner violations, and architectural requests.

Please be respectful of the fact that board members are volunteers who have full-time jobs, families, and other obligations just like the rest of the homeowners do. They are donating their time and energy with the intent on maintaining and improving the community.

What is the home owners' association's source of revenue?
The HOA's source of revenue is annual association dues.

What do the association dues get used for?
Every year in December an annual budget is prepared for the purpose of evaluating the needs of Madison Hill in conjunction with expected annual revenues. The board is required to approve a budget each year.