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Public Computers

Desktop computers for Internet access and wireless Internet access for using your own personal computing device are available at all three branches to Library Card Holders in good standing and Guests. 
Please keep the following in mind when requesting use of our computer services:
  • Be prepared to display your Library Card or Photo ID at the front desk when requesting use of a computer or wireless service.


  • As of September 3, 2013: a $1 guest user fee has been initiated. This $1 fee applies to users who do not have a Madison County library card, each time a request to use a computer is made. Madison County residents can obtain a library card for free which offers full privileges. Out-of-county library cards are available to non-residents for $10.


  • You understand that there is detailed information in the Madison County Public Library Computer Usage Policy about Confidentiality/User Responsibilities (including Ethical, Legal, and Parental Responsibilities); a Disclaimer about information on the Internet; and possible Sanctions when users violate this Policy.


  • You agree to comply with this Policy.


  • A full copy of the this Policy is available for review at the front desk.