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                Application Form


                APPLICATION FORM



                First Name:     ______________________Last Name: _____________________________

                Address:          ______________________________________________________________


                Contact Numbers:     (H) ________________________ (W) _________________________

                E-mail:             ______________________________________________________________

                Website:         ______________________________________________________________


                ·         Submit a brief biography of yourself and your art work (one page or less)



                I have read the attached Art Exhibit Policy and Procedure document and will conform to its terms.

                                                                                        Signature: _______________________________

                                                                                        Date:         _______________________________



                Please let us know how you heard about this project.

                ___   Madison Library Newsletter                             ___   Article in the Madison Sentinel

                ___   Poster orhandout at the library                      ___   Madison Co. Arts Council

                ___   Word of mouth

                HOW TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION.           


                You can submit  your application to the Madison Library Art Committee in several ways:

                ·         You can e-mail it to with five (5) attached photographs of your work and your bio.

                ·         You can drop it off in person at any of the Branches of Madison County Library -in a manila envelope - together with five (5) photographs of your work andyour bio.

                ·         You can mail the entire packet [application form + five (5) photographs + your bio] to any of the Branches of Madison County Library.


                Mars Hill Branch Library                     Hot Springs Branch Library                                                Marshall Main Library

                PO Box 28                                             PO Box 175                                                           1335 N. Main Street

                25 Dogwood Street                             88 Bridge Street                                                   Marshall, NC 28753

                Mars Hill, NC 28754                             Hot Springs, NC 28743


                Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.


                ·         Make sure you have signed and dated the application, thus acknowledging you are fully aware of the Art Exhibit Policy.

                ·         Do not forget to include the one-page biography of yourself and your art.

                ·         Do not forget to include the five (5) photographs of your work when you submit your application.  Photos should be a minimum of 4x6 in size. These photos will be returned to you upon your request.

                ·         On the back of each photo write your name, the title of the piece (if applicable) and its specific dimensions.


                THE ART WORK

                For the first six months of this new project, the Committee is looking for flat art which can be hung on a wall. It hopes to open up its exhibits to three dimensional art in the future.

                The wall space available in the three Madison County Branch Libraries is limited and therefore the size of the art pieces exhibited has to be specified. Below are the measurements of the display panels in each library.

                ·         Marshall:               [59”H x 42”W], [62”H x 50”W], and [56’H x 70”W]

                ·         Mars Hill:              [40”H x 95”W] and [40”H x 204”W]

                ·         Hot Springs:           [66”H x 50”W]          


                Works of Art selected to be exhibited in the libraries may be offered for sale, with prices established by the artist. However, the library will not serve as sales agent. It will provide interested buyers with a list of prices and contact information.