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                Genealogy Requests

                Madison County Public Library

                1335 North Main Street  - Marshall N.C.



                The Genealogy Room, Marshall Library, is open to the public. Information is available:  

                If you cannot conduct your own research, you may request assistance by email:



                Genealogy Research Request Form



                Your  Name: _____________________________________________________________________

                Address: ________________________________________________________________________

                City: ____________________________________ State:________ Zip:______________________

                Phone: __________________________  Email:_________________________________________


                Specific Information desired: Provide any information that you already have which may be helpful to complete your request – names, dates, locations.


















                Research takes time.  Please state if you have a specific requirement for timeliness.  This may mean that we decline to do the research and refund your check.

                ____ I have included a check for $10.00 to cover the first hour of research.

                ____I have included a check to cover additional hours of research, at $10.00 per hour.
                ____I have included the fee to cover copying and postage, if necessary. 
                 If your request cannot be answered by email, a 25¢ per page copying cost and postage to mail the results is required.


                I fully realize that the above payment for the first hour of research is non-refundable unless Madison County Library declines my research request

                Signature _____________________________________________________  Date _____________________