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                Book Sets

                When a public library requests a book set for their group book discussion, it is agreed that they will send a check for $10.00 for shipment costs.  The letter,below, will be sent to the requesting library with the shipment of the books.    

                MADISON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY         

                1335 North Main Street

                Marshall N.C. 28753














                Dear          ,




                Enclosed are ### copies of XXX for use with your book discussion group.  Please let me know that you have received these books and an approximate return date.  Book sets should be returned to my library within 8 weeks of the above date.  Any questions, feel free to contact me 


                As implemented March 15, 2012, a $10.00 fee is charged for each book set loaned out.  Please send a check made out to Madison County Library when book sets are returned.  Checks may also be sent directly to the library to my attention.


                With best regards,




                Megan Adams

                Madison County Library