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Gifts & Memorials

Gift and Memorials Program

Celebrate a birthday or anniversary, recognize the graduate or show appreciation for a retiree, all through the Madison County Library Gifts Program. It's something unique and special for your honoree and for the Library.

While the Library will not accept the donation of actual material as part of this program, your financial contribution may be directed toward specific types of collections of favorite subject areas.

Through the Gifts Program, library materials are purchased for placement in the general collection for all patrons to use and enjoy. It's easy, simple to do and your donation is tax deductible!


A donation in memory of a loved one may be made through the Gift Program. Although specific titles may not be designated for purchase, subject areas can be selected, i.e., sailing, gardening, travel in Asia, etc. Large and small sums are welcome

Organizational Donations

Many civic groups contribute to the Library through the Gifts Program. Each year a specific sum is donated for one area or several areas of the collection, etc. adult literacy materials, books on cassette, children's picture books etc. These gifts do not necessarily honor an individual, but may instead recognize the organization or its accomplishments throughout the year.

Business Donations

Recognizing retirees, founding days or special events are some of the reasons why companies donate to the Library. It's a thoughtful way to observe someone's retirement and express appreciation for many years of service! Choose from any of the wide range of subjects found in the Library's collection.



Madison County Gift and Memorials Program

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