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The Madison County Public Library is grateful for gifts, and its collection has been enriched by donations of materials as well as contributions.

Monetary donations of any size are always appreciated. The list of things the library needs is substantial, and you may choose how your donated money is spent or you may leave it up to the discretion of the director. You may also choose how publicly or privately your gift will be acknowledged.

Major Donations
Different giving levels are recognized with substantial donations.  Extra-ordinary donations are celebrated and most profoundly appreciated.
Patron         $500-$999.
Sponsor       $5,000-$$4,999.
Benefactor   $5,000-$$9,999.
Champion    $10,000-$$24,000
Founder       $25,000 and above

Acknowledgement of these donations will be the honor of the Board of Trustees of Madison County Public Library and the Madison County Library Director.

Madison County Gift and Memorials Program.   Celebrate a birthday or anniversary, recognize the graduate or show appreciation for a retiree, all through the Madison County Library Gifts Program. It's something unique and special for your honoree and for the Library. Through the Gifts Program, library materials are purchased for placement in the general collection for all patrons to use and enjoy. It's easy, simple to do and your donation is tax deductible!

While the Library will not accept the donation of actual material as part of this program, your financial contribution may be directed toward specific types of collections for your choice of library branch.

  A donation in memory of a loved one may be made through the Gift Program. Large and small
  sums are welcome

  Organizational Donations
  Many civic groups contribute to the Library through the Gifts Program. Each year a specific sum
  is donated for one area or several areas of the collection, etc. adult literacy materials, books on
  cassette, children's picture books etc. These gifts do not necessarily honor an individual, but
  may instead recognize the organization or its accomplishments throughout the year.

  Business Donations
  Recognizing retirees, founding days or special events are some of the reasons why companies
  donate to the Library. It's a thoughtful way to observe someone's retirement and express
  appreciation for many years of service! Choose from any of the wide range of subjects found in
  the Library's collection.

Donation of Books and Audio Visual Materials In accepting a gift of materials the library reserves the privilege of deciding whether items donated should be added to the collection. Out of the many books and other materials which citizens so generously give, a considerable proportion can be used. Some cannot, because any library material, though of value in itself, may be; (1) a duplicate of an item of which the library already has a sufficient number; (2) outdated - interesting but not of sufficient present reference or circulating value to the library; and/or (3) in poor condition - which would not justify the expense of processing it, i.e. cataloging and preparing it for circulation. The material will be judged by the same standards of selection as those applied to the purchase of new materials. The Madison County Public Library accepts gift books with the understanding that books which are useful to the library collection will be retained, and other books disposed of in whatever manner the librarian deems best. The Library necessarily reserves the right to interfile gifts with other collections on the same subject, so that all collections are organized and classified according to library standards for the best public service.
Donation of Art Objects and Other Types of Materials
Although such gifts are usually welcomed and valued, final decision on their acceptance rests with the Library Director and the Library Board of Trustees.

Donations - Others e.g. Monetary
The Library welcomes cash contributions gifts of real property, stocks and bonds. It is our custom to expend cash gifts on materials, equipment, or a project which is acceptable to the donor. Although it is unlikely, there may be an occasion in which the restrictions set by the donor make it impossible for the library to accept the contribution. All donations are subject to the approval of the Library Director with the backing of the Library Board of Trustees.

Use of Gifts
All gifts are accepted with the understanding that it may someday be necessary that they be sold or disposed of in the best interest of the library. The Library cannot commit itself to perpetually housing a donation.

Income Tax Statements
The library cannot appraise the value of a donation of materials or art. It will, however, issue the donor a letter acknowledging the donation. It is the donor's decision whether he or she will determine the value of the donation or utilize an independent appraiser.  While the gifts to the Library as a governmental unit qualify as tax deductible, the donor will have to consider the particular circumstances of his or her situation for the specific effect.  

Restriction No donation can be accepted unless it is given to the library without restrictions unless the Library Board of Trustees has specifically adopted an agreement to do so.


Regardless of how small or how large the gift, every person, business or organization making a contribution to Madison County Public Library gives a true gift.

                                                                 thank you