Shrubby St. John's Wort 'Cinnamon Stick'

Hypericum prolificum 'Cinnamon Stick'  
Hardy zones 4-8

A small, deciduous shrub with a dense, rounded form.

Height: 1'-4' tall with an equal spread

Growth rate: slow

Full sun to part shade.

Soil: pH adaptable. Does well in dry, well drained soils. Drought tolerant once established.

Bright yellow flowers spring to summer. Persistent capsule fruit. Narrow, linear leaves
1" to 3" long. Dark green leaf color.
Cut back after flowering to encourage reblooming. Regular water during the first growing
season will establish an extensive root system. Feed regularly during the growing season
with a general purpose fertilizer. Prune annually in late winter to promote vigorous new growth.

Prune in early spring.