Fringe tree

Chionathus virginicus

Hardy zones 3-9.
The basic habit of this ornamental specimen is a multi-stemmed, round, ball shape when left
unpruned. It can be trained into a small tree when lower branches are removed.
Slow growing, usually 6-10 inches per year, but can grow a foot per year if given rich, moist soil
and plenty of fertilizer.

Height: 12-20 feet, Spread: 10-15 feet

Sun to shade. Fringe tree looks best in a sunny spot sheltered from wind. The foliage is more
attractive when grown with several hours of shade but the tree blooms best in full sun. Best
situated with full morning sun and light afternoon shade.
Tolerates most soil conditions but prefers moist, acid soil. Moderate drought tolerance once
Pure white, slightly fragrant flowers, emerge just as the dogwood flowers fade. Blooms hang in
long, spectacular panicles which appear to cover the tree with cotton for two weeks. Dark green,
glossy leaves emerge later in the spring than those of most plants just as the flowers are at peak