River Oats / Northern Sea Oats

Chasmanthium latifolium
Hardy zones 5-8.
Clump type grass with drooping seed heads that hang in clusters from slightly arching
stems above an upright clump of light green, bamboo-like foliage.

Ht: 3 ft tall by 1-2 ft spread

Grows well in full sun to part shade. One of the few native grasses that do well in some shade.

Dry to moist, well drained soil. Drought tolerant once established.

Blooms late summer to fall. Leaves turn a coppery color in fall and the seed heads emerge green but turn purplish bronze by late summer and dry to a straw color.

Clumping grasses provide nest sites and winter cover for birds as well as seeds for a number of birds including cardinals, towhees, juncos, sparrows and finches. Good in fresh or dried floral arrangements. Deer resistant.

Does well in containers. Will self seed.

Note:  While we love this specimen, in the front entry garden which gave it a lot of moisture and some shade,  we found it too aggressive and will be removing it.  It isn't nearly as aggressive in my garden which is dry and full sun.