New Jersey Tea

Ceanothus americanus
Hardy zones 4-10

An upright, deciduous shrub.

Normally 3 ft tall by 2-4 ft spread, but can reach 5 ft under ideal conditions. Fast
growth rate.

Full sun to part shade.

Soil: dry to moist, well-drained, mesic sand, loam soils. Can tolerate nutritionally poor

Fragrant, white flowers June to August and seeds ripen from Aug to October.

Nitrogen fixing shrub.

Extremely adaptable species can withstand difficult conditions because of massive, deep
New Jersey Tea is a larval host and/or nectar source for spring azure, dusty mottled-wing,
and summer azure butterflies.
The shrub is beneficial to wildlife, providing nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies and
seeds for songbirds.
The dried leaves make an excellent tea that was very popular during the Revolutionary
War period.