Bignonia capreolata
Hardy zones 6-9.

Fast-growing, semi-evergreen, climbing vine growing to 30-50 feet.

Full sun to light shade. The vine climbs to find sunlight.

Showy trumpet-shaped, orange to reddish-orange to red, 2-3 in long and borne in clusters
of 2-5, flowers appear in late winter and early spring. The fruits are flattened pod-like
pendants 5-9 in long. Plant spreads by root sprouting if not managed. Climbs by twining
and tendrils. Plant at base of pine trees, along a back fence, or provide a trellis.
Good plant for quick coverage of trellises and fences. It needs training for the first few years
after transplant. Drought tolerant once established. No pest problems. Its common name
refers to the cross pattern seen when the stem is cut.

A good hummingbird plant. Cultivars are available.