About us

    The Marshall Native Gardens Initiative,  a group of volunteers organized through the Friends of the Madison County Public Library, located in Marshall, North Carolina.  We  welcome anyone who is interested in helping maintain the Library's grounds.  Give us a call or just drop in at a work day or meeting. Thanks for stopping by our website.
Mission Statement: Create sustainable gardens on the grounds of the Madison County Library System main branch that are both educational, beautiful and self-sustaining.
   We no longer do the  Plants of the Month display, but the articles on wonderful native plant alternatives to those pesky invasive plants can be found here.

    We’ve also been working on landscape garden plans to transform the library grounds. We plan on removing all invasive plants and replacing them with wonderful native plants. There are plans to build some walking paths as well. Exciting things will be happening. Please contact Ed at 828-333-3883 if you are interested in receiving more information or would like to lend a hand.

    We love natives!   Asking why bother about native vs. nonnative plants?  There are a lot of reasons to go native... but the short answer is because non-natives take the place of native plants.  There are a variety of plant and animal species that depend on the native plants for survival.  This means fewer insects, native pollinators, and those that feed on those insects, such as birds. Our populations of birds have plummeted, which I'm sure you've noticed.  We are so fortunate to live in western North Carolina, with one of the richest variety of native plants in the world.

     Please come join us!


Here are our goals and objectives:

Goal I.   Initial focus is to functionally organize the Gardens and Grounds Committee and define and implement

 short-term projects.

Objective I. Create a Gardens and Grounds Steering Committee and project Task Forces

• Identify a functional sub-committee structure and Steering Committee;

• Identify and solidify general members/volunteers for the Gardens & Grounds Committee;

Objective II. Organize and Implement short term projects.

•  Organize a task force to design and implement a improved low maintenance garden for the library's west/ entryway garden;

• Organize a task force to create a to scale base map of the grounds including existing plantings, soils, slope, utilities, etc;

• Organize and conduct fund raising plant sales;

• Organize a task force to and implement a “plant of the month” display for presentation inside the libraries;

• Organize and distribute Garden and Grounds Committee and County Garden Club related information in the Library Links and other local media;

• Organize a task force to develop a method to track volunteer talents, hours and other resources;

• Begin exploring potential partnerships, sponsorships, garden volunteers, etc.

Goal II.  Longer Term focus is to create a Master Garden Plan that:

• Objective I.       Incorporates native plants wherever possible.

• Objective II.      Creates inspirational spaces and elements.

• Objective III.     Incorporates a variety of educational components and themes.

• Objective IV.     Develops community partnerships, sponsorships and organize volunteers.

• Objective V.      Create long-term functional organizational structure to design, implement and maintain the 

                          library gardens.

• Objective VI.     Prioritizes projects/features to be implemented in the Master Garden Plan.