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transparent cities

Transparent Cities

Transparent Cities. Madison Brookshire, April Guthrie, Michael Pisaro, and Cassis Streb. Digital audio, video, and live musical Performance. 2009/2012. 68 minutes.

Transparent Cities is a collaborative work of music and video by Madison Brookshire, April Guthrie, Michael Pisaro and Cassia Streb. Layers of sound and image field recordings combine with music—both recorded and performed live—to create a portrait of Los Angeles, its sounds, and its silences. 

"Pondering these nearly still images and listening to the city in new ways is indescribably pleasurable. You'll find yourself slowing down, settling in and then opening up to the remarkable audio/visual experience around us all the time." --Holly Willis, Blur + Sharpen

This work was created while in residence at The Hammer Museum. The Hammer Museum's Artist Residency Program was initiated with funding from the Nimoy Foundation and is supported through a significant grant from the James Irvine Foundation.