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five times


FIVE TIMES is a 16mm sound film made out of five, 100' rolls of black and white film. The only images and sounds in the piece come from the light that reaches the film when it is loaded into and taken out of the camera. This creates a "flare," a kind of fade-in from white at the beginning of each roll that is a natural part of the filmmaking process. This light also affects the area of the film that the projector interprets as sound, so that each roll has a slightly different, very quiet sound track that turns into a soft wave of white noise every time there is a flare-in/flare-out, about once every two and a half minutes.

It exists only as an original--there are no prints. The marks that accrue and changes that occur over time are part of the piece.

"The experience of watching such a film is much more complex (visually and psychologically) than a description of its content. This work has some clear connections to the work of Cage, not least of which is that, that which is normally ignored or not seen at all becomes the foreground. The aspects of light and sound that emerge through the ‘cracks’ of the process are all the more powerful in contrast to their surroundings." —Michael Pisaro