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film scores

Film Scores

A "film score" is a composition that can be turned into a film or a video. Anyone with a camera may perform them. Some of them don't even require a camera. 

These indeterminate compositions establish a loose community around the act of making a film or video. Everyone who realizes the score does so as an individual, but there is an indirect connection between all of the works made from that score and, by extension, the individuals who created them.

Some of the scores are little more than a poetic suggestion, some are quite specific and some create a problem for a group to solve. An example of the latter--the score called 33, etc.--indicates how many performers there can be, how many things must be collected and in relation to what, but doesn't indicate how they should be presented nor even what sort of things to collect. This creates a non-hierarchical situation in which the performers must determine the form and the content of the piece, but within the limits of the text.

To emphasize the fact that every performance of a score will be different, I've made many realizations of the same score, First Variation.

    First Variation

        for Lumiere&Co.

    One shot


Many of the videos made from this score can be found at