As a theme, we are using all the titles for all the main pages in Kannada (our mother tongue) and for the benefit of understanding, we have included this page- shabdakosha (Glossary) where the Kannada words are translated into English. If we have missed out on translating any word, Please flag it out under comments below.. 

(Kannada words do not have Lower/Upper cases. Hence all the Kannada words used in the site are in lower case with all the respect)

namaskara - Greetings
svagatha - Welcome
shabdakosha - Dictionary / Glossary
madhuve - Wedding
mane - Home
madhuvemane - Place of the Wedding
suddhi - News
samarambha - Celebration
nam bagge - About Us
chayagrahana - Photography
kareyole- Invitation
madhu - Honey
chandra - Moon
madhu chandra - Honeymoon
abhiprayagalu - Opinions
nage hani - Jokes
dangura saarkondu barodhu - make a loud noise with drums, and make a public announcement..
athithi gruha - Guest House

Significance of the Logo: It is a photo taken at Madhurai during our family trip. There is a small Marriage hall opposite to the West Tower of the temple. It is an illustration of the Girija Kalyana (marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi). 

Disclosure: If you are wondering How did my Kannada became so strong! well here is the answer..