Linking Mysite Back to Portal Site
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Linking My sites Back to the portal site in MOSS

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In sharepoint MY SITES are hosted on a different web application. If a person is on any portal site and clicks on MY SITE link there is no back link to the homepage. The only way a person can come back is using back button of the browser or simply typing the URL

. In Moss each page has a link to My Site ie if multiple sites/portal sites are hosted on the same server ,each of them would have the My Site link by default and if they are under the same SSP then they will point to the same My Site location




Now  a back link to the portal homepage in MY SITES is commonly a requirement for various customers

There are various ways to achieve this functionality:

a.       Edit the master page  to include a link to main portal this way  all the newly build my sites  will have a back link: Not recommended because there are easier way around

b.      Add a personalization site links: Adds a Tab between My Site and My Profile : Easy and applies to all new and existing sites. But does not look very good

c.       Portal site link: Adds a breadcrumb: Looks good ,easy to implement but applies only to newly created my sites.

In this article I will deal with methods 2 and 3

A.     Add a personalization site link

1.       Go to shared service administration page

2.       Click on Personalization site links under User Profiles and My sites



3.       Click on New  to add a new link

4.       Fill in the required details and click OK


5.       You may use multiple links and use target audiencing to show the correct link for eg if there are multiple site collections for different departments like Finance,HR,RnD then you may add links for each site collections homepage and use target audiencing to display the correct link.The finance person shall see a link to finance sites homepage ,HR to HR Sites homepage etc


6.       Now this link will be visible as a tab between My Home and My Profile on My Site

Note: This tab might not be visible immediately. Wait for a few minutes to see the tab



Now the problem with this method is that if I click on the training portal tab that I just added on MY Site, the portal  opens in My site view. The global navigation still remains of My Site. Both My Home and My Profile are still visible





The work around: There is a very neat workaround for this. We can create a redirect page that redirects to your portal home page . In Personalization site link we can give the path of this redirect page instead of the portal page

To create a redirect page simple put this code in a notepad and save as html


<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" content= "0;URL=<Your Portal URL>">



Now upload this HTML on the  MOSS server and use this URL



B.  Portal Site Link:

There is a very nice way of including your portal url in the bread crumb of you’re MY SITES.

This method is applicable to other site collections as well

Suppose you’re my Sites are  at this location


1.       Go to this URL: http://<server name>:<port no>/_layouts/settings.aspx

2.       Go to Portal Site Connection Under site collection administration


3.       Select Connect to Portal Check Box and fill in Portal URL and Portal name

4.       Click OK

That’s it. Now all the newly created My sites will have the Portal Home page in the bread crumb





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