Defn: Madhu - sweet, intoxicating, honey like
Madhuino = Arduino + Accelerometer + RTC
 "Shake it and have a good time!"
Ah yes, how sweet it is! An Arduino compatible board with 8 times more memory than the 168 based Diecimila/Duimilanove and basic awareness of space and time.
This site is dedicated to the Madhuino project, which is an Arduino based microcontroller  board using the Atmel ATMega 1280 chip.
June 25: The first run of SCA boards and MadhuShields have already been received!
PCBs will be available from Propaganda's PCB service. Please contact the author for assembled board inquires (contact info at bottom of page).
Two versions are available (or will be available soon)
Check the News page for Current Status

Main Specifications:
  • Atmel ATMega 1280-16au 8-bit RISC processor
    • 16MHz clock speed
    • 128K flash memory
    • 8k static RAM
    • 8k EEPROM
  • 38 Digital I/O lines
  • 16 Analog Inputs (which can also be used as digial I/O lines)
  • 6-20v DC supply voltage range
  • DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery backup
  • 2 different versions of digital accelerometer available!
    • Lowcost: Freescale MMA7455L - 2/4/8g, 3-axis, aprox 64 count/g
    • Premium: VTI SCA3000-D01 - 2g, 3-axis, 1333 count/g (.04 deg resolution)
  • USB programming with Open Source software
  • Stackable shield compatible design
Alpha02 board revision (without groundplane fill)
Important features:
  • incorporates one of the most sensitive digital accelerometers on the market, the SCA3000, which uses an SPI interface. This saves other i/o pins and avoids the limitations imposed by accelerometers with analog outputs that have to be interpreted using the 10 bit ADCs in the ATMega line.
  • Jumper supports accelerometer interrupts (motion detection) using Arduino external interrupt 5 on pin 18 (TX1)
  • includes an onboard DS1307 which provides Real Time Clock functionality, and even includes a battery holder for backup.
  •  Includes 2 connector rows for I2C bus.
  • UART lines 1, 2, and 3 are paired up (RX/TX) next to each other with a convenient ground pin also available for easier connections.
  • like the Seeeduino board, includes mini-USB connector and a two pin battery style connector for DC power supply.
  • Retains same backwards compatibility with Arduino shields as the reference Arduino MEGA board.
  • upper 16 digital i/o lines (38-53) are no longer broken out due to space constraints.
  • Not compatible with shields intended specifically for the Arduino MEGA board since the RX/TX lines for the extra communication ports have been paired up.
About the Designer:
Madhusudana das is  a disciple of Srila Narayana Maharaja
who has mercifully granted him some ability to do these things he wouldn't otherwise be able to do.
For questions, comments, and general inquiries may be addressed to the Gmail account under the name of MadhusudanaXX, where XX=63 (avoiding robot spammers).