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Welcome to Mader Technologies!

In 2008 I discovered electric bicycles.  I had the idea to commute to work by bicycle to keep in shape.  As a mountain biker, 12 miles did not seem that far.  However, I found that it took too long, and made me quite sweaty, such that it was really not convenient to do so on a daily basis.  Doing some web searching I discovered electric bikes.  I ordered my first one - a Currie eZip Trailz.  It worked, but it was painfully slow!  It took far too long to cover 12 miles to work.  Plus, road bikers were passing me by!

So I embarked on a mission to speed up electric bikes at minimum cost, beginning with myself as a customer.  Over the course of a year I developed the 48V Upgrade Kit for the Currie eZip Trailz type of bike.  And now you can buy one!  Send me an email below - basically, paypal me $109 and I'll make one and send it to you anywhere in the USA.  Together with a second 24V pack, you will make your Currie bike go 25mph instead of 16mph (it works for the RMB-type Currie bikes - if you have any questions email me).  Outside the USA contact me and we'll figure it out.  I have lots of happy customers who have turned their $400 wimpy eBike into a $600 FAST eBike! 

If you are checking out my website, you probably found me through YouTube.  Links to my videos are below.
Notice that my "48V kit" is only for the eZip / iZip bikes with the RMB battery packs.  I can help you make the Zuma upgrade, but it is more of a kludge as the Zuma does not accomodate two packs.

I plan to make more improvements and videos soon.  Meanwhile, Happy eBiking!


ps - I ride my latest eBike to work regularly.

Mader Technologies is located in Los Gatos, CA.
Thomas Mader can be contacted by email: