Not So Standard Issue

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The move to Louisiana has been completed, but I'm still catching up from everything that's happened. I am behind, and am getting there. If you have any questions about the status of your order, please contact me.  I have a master list that I'm working off of, but that doesn't mean that I can't try to accommodate a certain date for your event.  I apologize to all the guys that I've been so late on.  Thank you for your understanding and patience. - Mary
27 January 2015

Because of the happenings of the past year, I've decided that a new name was in order. 
Not So Standard Issue
Because, let's face it - the military wouldn't put as much care and prayer into your jacket as I do. Each one is crafted to you personally, that why I ask for so many measurements. I want you to know that this was made, with love, just for you. The turn around time is down to days, so keep me busy folks! The boys hate it when I have too much time on my hands!
Mary on her birthday (2012) with the boys..  Joshua (13) on left, Michael (11) on the right.

Made by mcron has fantastic service - and their representatives (read - their owners) will actually call you back and do this little thing called communication. And good customer service.

 I love my new shooting jacket.  Jerry L.

"Like many Appleseeders I've been searching for a USMC type shooting jacket in my size for quite a while without any luck.  Then on the forum under Deals and Steals I saw where an Appleseeder's wife has undertaken making reproductions of these much sought after jackets.  Well, I jumped at the opportunity and contacted Mary.  She came back quickly and assured me that the OD color was really OD, as well as answering all my questions.  I sent my check and kept my fingers crossed.  

The day before Christmas my jacket arrived on time as promised.  I am delighted with what I received.  The fit is perfect, quality is great, and I can't tell the difference between an original, and what Mary made for me.  For those of you who are in the quandary of not being able to find one in your correct size and configuration (left or right handed), I heartily recommend Mary's products.  I chose OD as my personal preference, but she offers Khaki as well as different Cami patterns. 

I also like the idea of supporting someone who is in the Appleseed family who apparently shares my values.  Mary, thanks again for a great job!

oldfudd (Shoot Boss)"

Just got to use my new "Made by mcron" jacket earlier this week. In a word... it rocked! Was keeping 1" groups slung prone at 50 yards with my AR15. I swear, it had to be the jacket!
PS - as a martial arts guy, I LOVE the heavy duck cotton that the khaki comes in... most comfortable and extremely durable. - Clay Howell

The real deal... I am sure most of you remember the "Old Shooting Jackets we wore." I still do some shooting and had been looking for a shooting jacket. I found Mary on line and took a chance and ordered one from her. She has nailed these jackets every detail is there. Check her out and if you want one I highly recommend ordering it from her. She is easy to work with and her workmanship is second to none.   - Chris Montoya