Uria Home

by Mark W. Rabuck


Like what you see?

Uria is a fantasy role-playing environment I developed back in the summer between college and grad school.  I have been adding to it ever since.  I have run three long-term campaigns in Uria, which have involved the defeat of a demon prince, the re-introduction of elves into the campaign world, and a quest to recover the lost heir of Aquilonia.  The rules were written for the now-completely-unsupported Fantasy Hero system by Iron Crown Enterprises, but the setting can be used for any role-playing system (each of the three campaigns described above used the third edition of the Dungeons and Dragons rules.

Nota Bene:  I am in the process of making a version of Uria specifically tailored for D+D 4th edition: The Lands of Ruin. It should be a little more visually appealing than these humble pages. :)

History and Background  An introdution to Uria

Realms  The major powers of Uria

Religion  Gods, pantheons, and game informationfor playing priestly characters

Magic and the Natural World  Outlines different schools of magic, plus sections on geography and herbalism

Character Building  Information about martial arts, equipment, and campaigning in Uria

Domains and Battles Contains a complete set of wargames rules and rules for maintaining a domain

NEW!Uria maps page

Finally, a color map of Uria, made in Campaign Cartographer. 

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