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A D+D Campaign I played with students at my school

The "Drow War" blog, a resource for the above game

My current D+D game, set in the Birthright world of Cerilia, uses a wiki format.

I have created some battlemaps for the first D+D 4e Module (H2: The Keep on the Shadowfell).  The module includes such maps for the large encounters but lacks them for encounters in the upper levels of the Keep itself.  These maps were created in Dundjinni.

Adrian Bott sent me the map to the sewers in the Book II of the Drow War series.  Here it is.

I wrote some Tolkien inspired books, one on Minas Ithil and the other a guide to Middle-earth.  Reviews were generally pretty good. You can read them here.

Campaign notes for Uria, a fantasy world I have been working on since 1990

 My latest effort to create a D+D World: the Lands of Ruin.  These draw heavily on Uria, but are tailored to the races and concepts of D+D 4e.

I'm a member of PAGE, the Phildelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts.