Dundjinni Battlemap Files

for Keep on the Shadowfell

and Others

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Here are some Dundjinni files to create battle maps for the D+D 4e module H1: The Keep on the Shadowfell.  While the module has maps for the major encounters, the GM is left to his or her own devices when making battlemaps for the smaller encounters in the keep itself.  Both .dja files and .png battlemaps are included.  These are my first efforts on dundjinni, so be kind!  These files were made with the Gold Edition and the free content available at dundjinni.com.  All credit is due to the artists, particularly DevilDan, Greytale, and Metajock.  The .png images need to be expanded 150% for printing in order to get 1" squares for a battlemap.  Enjoy!

Dundjinni Files for Encounters 1-4

Dundjinni Files for Encounters 5-8.

Dundjinni Files for Encounters 9-11.

Dundjinni Files for Encounters 12-14.

Dundjinni Files for Encounters 15-17.

Here is a sample, from encounter 14 (click to enlarge):

A wilderness encounter map, featuring a stream and a stone circle.